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Whatever the season, we're your best choice for a conference, a training or a kid camp.

The Conference Zone at the Gronie Ski & Bike consists of 3 conference halls, all of them located on the first floor and connected with each other for better comfort. Having been allocated this way, they do give you a whole myriad of possibilities to organise a conference, a company event, but also a training and all kinds of family parties. Since the conference halls neighbour on the Chillout Zone, combine work with pleasure simply could not be easier.  

Our inspiration to modernise the halls were old plates with the names of ski pistes on them, we named our halls after them.

There’s history all around here – both in the interior design and in the names of individual halls. It all refers to the Szczyrk Ski Resort. And we give our word therefor – these brave colours on the walls and on the ceilings, enriched with lots of wood and large windows makes every effort a pleasure, indeed.

Our halls are connected with each other, so that you can divide your group into smaller teams for a better comfort during a conference or a team-building stay.

BIEŃKULA Conference Hall – the largest at the Gronie Ski & Bike. Called after the legendary Bieńkula ski piste at the Szczyrk Ski Resort. Its black ceiling refers directly to the colour coding of the piste. One wall has been entirely covered in wood, windows are large.

SKRZYCZEŃSKA Conference Hall – the middle hall, perfect for smaller family events, team work and trainings, red furniture makes the room special.

SALMOPOLSKA Conference Hall – the smallest room for approx. 20 people, ideal for smaller company and family events.

Our attractive location, professional service and nice ambience give you the best work and relaxation environment you could ever ask for.



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ul. Salmopolska 30
43-370 Szczyrk, Polska

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